About Me

Karen ‘Kay’ Fontenot is a Lake Charles, Louisiana native who  attended McNeese and moved to Houston in 1991. She worked with Johnson & Wurzer P.C. for eight years until she transferred to Cabot Oil and Gas.  There, she received numerous promotions that led to a career as a Geoscience Technician.  She found her passion in 2010, when she began oil painting under the tutelage of Houston artist Candy Tangney.  She says that working with her classmates and Tangney helped her cultivate her own style which focuses on proportions and a very liberal use of color.

Some of my work

Here are some of my most recent pieces. Art that is for sale can be found on my Etsy store.

Previous Work

‘Frankie at Hobe Sound’ is a happy and fun work that captures the spirit of a family friend.

The ocean is one of my favorite places on earth to be.  I imagine that the footprints along the shore are mine along with friends. Seascapes also provide a great exercise in the many shades of blue and green.

Sassoferrato’s “Madonna and Child” is one of the most beautiful images I’d seen in a long time.  Despite my teacher’s advising the high degree of difficulty, I insisted on attempting a rendering.  After a long time and too many “start-overs” to mention, this is the result.

This is my rendering of The Gabriel Panel of Titian’s polyptych of The Resurrection.  

“Red Christmas 2” is a companion piece to “Red Christmas”

My rendering of Paul Mooney’s “The Divine Infant” speaks not only to my favorite Subject, but to my love of babies also.

“Poppies” is one of my earliest pieces.  A favorite, it was my first exercise in shading technique.

“Red Christmas” is a nod to Christmases past, rich with deep red hues that evoke memories of Christmas Carols, cookie baking, gift wrapping and Christmas Eve candlelight services.

 “The Tree of Life” stands in the Garden under radiant heavenly Light in this very special piece.

“The Hidden Heart”, completed in 2012 for Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance for Dysautonomia

This still life is one that took time and required a number of fixes and start-overs along the way; but was well worth the effort!

I call this one “Sea Master”.  I worked on it during a period of uncertainty in 2018 as a reminder that I am not in charge.

I painted “Arizona Sunset” from a photo a cousin of mine captured on a drive home one evening.

                  “Sophie” is a depiction of a beloved family pet!

One of my earliest pieces, I titled this one “self portrait”.

Florals have been the most challenging subjects for me over the years.  It is in the last year that I’ve become very comfortable painting them.

 “The Grandkids” is the only piece of a whimsical sort to date, yet it captures well the characters of four unique children.

‘The Dancers’ is one of my favorite pieces!  It has the happy distinction of being one of the first pieces of mine to show in gallery!

Current Work

This floral is my first venture into roses with the pallet knife.  The bloomer and the two buds patiently await their placement into the arrangement being worked on ‘In the Greenhouse’!

‘Lily Red’ is a striking oil on canvas with multiple layers of rich red, coral and green hues! It is a piece that took a while to complete and was fun to do.  It is an eye catcher for sure and is one of my favorites!

This floral is my rendering of a portion of a special arrangement given to me after my first Gallery Talk!  The piece does not give proper justice to the very beautiful, large arrangement; but it is a special reminder to accompany the photos that I took   I call it ‘Good Job’! 

‘Jade in Winter’ is a delightful portrait of Jade, a high fan of winter, who is excited for the first opportunity of the season to wear her favorite yellow sweater and matching hat!

 ‘On The Town’ is a recently completed oil on 8×10 canvas that evokes memories of grand scale black-tie events and occasions that are not soon forgotten.

‘Pink Hydrangeas’ is the second work of hydrangeas I’ve done.  A niece of mine requested a hydrangea piece and, after finishing it, realized how much I enjoy painting these very special flowers.  This piece is oil on cotton.

“Tree Planted By the River” is a dramatic oil with gold leaf on wrap canvas.  A strong tree with deep roots, this piece is a reference to the Blessed man in Psalm 1.

“Albertine” is first in the Mardi Gras lineup!  She is thrilled that school is out for the day as she heads for the parade.  ‘Bertie’ is a sunburst of energy!

“Mardi Gras” premiered early in 2020 as a fun nod to the festive south Louisiana season of parades and pageantry!  Each piece features a girl enjoying the festivities.  Here is “Brittany”, our glamour girl!

“Celia”follows “Albertine” and “Brittany” in the Mardi Gras lineup.  Celia is artistic and care free!

I would love to hear from you!