June 10, 2020.   Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The noon hour.  

One of the highlights of life so far for me occurred on this date and time.  It was then that I delivered three paintings to the Black Heritage Gallery in the Historic City Hall Building on Ryan Street in my hometown!  It all happened very quickly as two friends of mine, both affiliated with the Gallery, mentioned my work to the director within days of each other.   The director, then, invited me to join eight other artists in a joint exhibit aptly entitled “Productivity: A Pandemic Portfolio of Works Created in Isolation”.  This exhibit displays through the 24th of September, 2020.

During these hot days of summer, if you should find yourself in my native ‘neck of the woods’, take a refreshing break and visit all the fine galleries at 1001 Ryan Street.  You might try some boudin while you’re at it!  Oh and, my profound thanks to you, Mrs. Stella Miller!

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