There are many ‘firsts’ in life for each of us. Thankfully, by God’s Grace, I can count more joyous firsts than sad and heartbreaking ones.

My first surprise birthday party comes to mind! I was in Kindergarten class at Carver Elementary School in my hometown and, to my surprise, on my birthday, was summoned to the principal’s office. Upon entering, I found no trouble at all; I was simply asked to sit for a while and snack on some cheese crackers. After a short while, the secretary sent me back to the classroom where I found my precious Mama present wearing a big smile! She had decorated the classroom, given party hats to my classmates and brought cake and ice cream. The class broke into a boisterous rendition of Happy Birthday as I grinned with the delight of a happy 6 year old.

I’ve since had many firsts to date: first bike, first date, first job, first apartment, first time to become an aunt, first (and I say only) cruise, first (and hopefully not last) parasail and so on.

On a previous blogpost I mentioned the happy occasion of delivering paintings of mine to show in gallery exhibit. Well, yesterday at the selfsame gallery in Lake Charles, Louisiana, your humble artist was the first to kick off a series of “Gallery Talks” related to the Exhibit! I can but merely try to express how special it was to gather family, friends, friends of the Gallery and fans of art to visit, to view exhibits, sit for a talk and take questions and offer prints of the pieces on display. There was laughter, fellowship and gaiety which proved timely and precious medicine for everyone at this very uncommon time in our national life.

Let the Gallery Talk of Saturday July 11, 2020 be the ‘first’ of many to come!

** “The Dancers” “Bounty” and “Santa Monica Beach” are the featured paintings in this exhibit. As of this writing, some prints remain available in my Etsy shop!


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